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March 2020 San Francisco Primary
Pelosi Republicans: Ballot Images
2,476 for Pelosi, 18.7% of all Republicans
(by Supervisory District) PDFs
Defeated: John Dennis & Deanna Lorraine
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D3 D4
D5 D6
D7 D8
Organized by Supervisory District, each file contains hundreds of ballots from the City's Dominion Voting Systems 5.5-A election management system.
We pulled the 18.7% of Republican ballots (2,476) which marked Nancy Pelosi instead of Republican candidates John Dennis or Deanna Lorraine, a shocking repudiation. All told, 21.9% of the City's Republicans chose a Democrat over these Republicans in the 2020 Congressional District 12 primary.
San Francisco was an early adopter of Dominion. Deployed in 2019, the system outputs ballot images stamped with machine interpretation. The San Francisco Department of Elections has provided ballot images on its web site since November 2019. Each March 2020 ballot is marked by the political party of the voter. Examples provided above in file labeled "PARTIES".
Below is a report on how the unique and influential Republican swing vote has affected outcomes in San Francisco this cycle, prepared for a candidate for Chairman of the San Francisco Republican Party, using data for November 2019 and March 2020 elections in the Dominion records, voter registration files and the vote-by-mail file, each provided by the San Francisco Department of Elections.
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Ballot Images: San Francisco Department of Elections, public domain.